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Christopher Robinson was from Hewick, near Ripon in Yorkshire, England. 
Robinson, Christopher (I2799)
John Francis Boyle is buried in the Ravencreek Cemetery, formerly called Kinman Cemetery. Ravencreek Cemetery is located on the Hinton-Webber Road near the small town of Hinton which is located in Harrison County, Kentucky.
John spoke of an uncle living in Baltimore, Maryland who owned an Oldsmobile Dealership. This was around the 1920's or 1930's (Howard Francis Boyle).
Sometime after his son Howard Francis was born, John began his drinking spells and would from time to time, disappear to places unknown. Family speculation is that John would go up around New York. This is interesting since he put down New York City as his place of birth when he signed up for the Spanish War. According to Howard, his father would contact Maude from the Dayton Ohio Soldiers' Home, where he would go to "sober up," and she would send him money to come home.
Further research has proven that John was frequently away from his home, but in many cases he was summoned to appear at soldiers' homes in various places such as Dayton, Ohio and Johnson City, Tennessee. Some of his absences from the family might have been related to these summons orders. The reason for the summons were for follow up examinations during his lengthy battle to approve his pension based upon his service during the 1898 Spanish-American War (War with Spain).

In 2011, fifteen years or so after writing the comments above, I went back to the large pension file of John Francis Boyle to see if I could locate him in the 1900s. Of all the census years available, 1900 was the only year I was never able to locate him. His pension file is rather large, two inches thick of legal size pages and all of them printed on both sides. I began combing through the pension looking for any documents around the 1900 time period that also listed a place. In doing this, I quickly located him in a soldiers home in Jefferson, Ohio both on the 1900 Census and I found some images of a register from the soldier's home as well. John checked into the home multiple times between 1900 and 1917. Every record of him checking in is accompanied with a reason for discharge from the soldier's home. Except for the last entry, discharged at his own request, he is discharged by reason of A.W.O.L. (absent without leave). It would seem that John was something of a free spirit but for someone who was purportedly very secretive, he left behind a huge paper trail. I'm sure there are many documents out there still, waiting to be found.
Boyle, John Francis (I1813)
The genealogy of Elizabeth Hoffmann and much of the Back/Bach family lines are disputed. I am not affiliated with any particular group but feel it is necessary to point out that two groups are planning or have previously published genealogies that are at odds with each other. Much of my early research is based off of the book published by the first of the two organizations listed below. I am always seeking the truth and if any of my research is wrong, I am eager to correct it.

Hoffman, Elizabeth (I765)
* * * This letter was in response to the events involving George Washington at the Battle of Jumonville Glen (28 May 1754) and the Battle of Fort Necessity, or the Battle of the Great Meadows (3 July 1754). These two events were the beginnings of the French and Indian War (1754-1763) and what would become, globally, The Seven Years' War (1756-1763). 
Robinson, Speaker John (I2813)
5 By careful comparison of available records and the process of elimination, I have been able to determine that Patrick was the brother who, "died in the war," as stated during a deposition by Patrick's younger brother James Boyle as part of the process to obtain a pension for service during the Spanish American War by the nephew of James Boyle, John Francis Boyle.
Patrick was 18 when enumerated with his parents on the 1850 Census. Though not yet proven, it appears that most, if not all of Patrick's five brothers served in the Civil War. Certainly, his brother John Boyle did and there are matching names of some of the other brothers from the 1890 Special Census of Veterans but not yet proven.
During his deposition in 1901, James Boyle named each of his brothers and how they died, with one exception. James simply stated that, "one brother died in the war." That one unnamed brother was Patrick according to the 1850 Census on which he appears with all of his brothers except Michael who James named in his deposition and gave his cause of death as "lockjaw." 
Boyle, Patrick (I1778)
6 (DJS) After twenty years, I have never seen anyone cite and actual civil record of this divorce so it would be wise to treat this event as suspect. I have not personally had the opportunity to review court or church documents from the area for this information. Family F442
7 (DJS) At the time that these records were recorded in this database, there were substantial transcription errors in the available online indexes. Researchers should rely more upon the image of the actual documents than the indexes. It should be noted though, there are frequently differences in the spelling and name usage by some of the individuals in these records and these marriage documents are one such example. Family F232
8 (DJS) I have left the notes below as an example of how indexes can be wrong. I previously stated in my notes that I believed that the index of this marriage record at the web site contained errors. Upon reviewing the microfilm, my suspicions proved correct. The indexes were wrong and the images of the original documents revealed the correct names of the individuals I had expected to find. When in doubt, go to the source. Immediately following this new note is an older note where I expressed my suspicion of the record indexes.  Family F616
9 (DJS) Levi fought at the Battle of Chickamauga against another direct ancestor of mine, William Harrison Smith, the latter receiving a debilitating gun shot wound to the left shoulder on September 20th, 1863 ending his part as a soldier in the Civil War. Winkle, Levi C (I1591)
10 (DJS) Use caution with this record. Much documentation exists for membership to the NSSAR under ancestors of Mathew Combs. These applications state that Mathew died in Breathitt County, Kentucky in 1859. This 1860 Census record shows a Moses Combs within two years of the age of Mathew Combs. I believe it is highly likely that these are the same person between the 1850-1860 census enumerations. BOTH Mathew (1850 Census) and Moses (1860 Census) have a wife named Frances who was born in Georgia. The birth state of the Mathew/Moses vary though. The most compelling bit of information is that in both of these census years, the person named Mathew (1850) and Moses (1860) is recorded as being blind.
Use your own judgement; I welcome input. 
Combs, Mathew (I971)
11 * * * * Note * * * *
I have seen Wise County, Virginia but that county was not formed until much later in 1856. Solomon's Civil War service record states that he was born in Perry County, Kentucky and the state of Kentucky is listed repeatedly in census records without a single instance of Virginia being recorded as a place of birth. 
Back, Solomon (I1026)
12 * * * Important * * * 1850 Census in Rhode Island (the family is listed under the name "Ball") John's birth place is given as New Jersey as is his next older brother, Patrick.
1860 Census in Rhode Island - Head of Household is Andrew Boyle and also in the home is Andrew's mother, Rosanna and the rest of her children with the exception of Patrick. In this census year, Andrew and John both list New Jersey as their place of birth. 
Boyle, Andrew (I1782)
13 * * * Important * * * 1850 Census in Rhode Island (the family is listed under the name "Ball") John's birth place is given as New Jersey as is his next older brother, Patrick. Marriage Record of John and Bridget says Whitehall, PA.

1860 Census in Rhode Island - Head of Household is Andrew Boyle and also in the home is Andrew's mother, Rosanna and the rest of her children with the exception of Patrick. In this census year, Andres and John both list New Jersey as their place of birth.

John Boyle served in Company C of the 2nd Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry beginning just days after his marriage in 1861 until mustering out 17 June 1863. John filed for a pension later in life but died before it was approved. His wife, Bridget, took up the plea for her husband's pension and she was awarded his pension in 1892 after relatives and family friends signed affidavits in her favor as well as providing proof of her marriage in the form of a certified death certificate and a certified marriage certificate. These documents are included in the pension file. John's service included such famous battles as the Battle of Bull Run where it is said that the 2nd Rhode Island was among the few units to have made a relatively organized retreat back to the safety of Washington D.C. and Gettysburg where the 2nd Rhode Island were among the reserve units.

Researchers please note: Documentation that I am looking for is a birth record or christening if one exists. I have identified John's faith at the time of his marriage as Roman Catholic. The pastor who performed the marriage in Providence, RI was Patrick Lambe, R.C. Pastor. According to John's death certificate, he was born in Whitehall, PA.

RESEARCH: John and Bridget may have lived in New Bedford, MA in 1890. There is a John Boyle and Bridget Boyle that show up in an Ancestry.Com city directory database in that year. 
Boyle, John (I1935)
14 * * * Research Notes * * *

Will Records, where I've searched (Not Found):
Scott County, KY, Will records, 1877-1896, Vol. S
Scott County, KY, Executor bonds, 1867-1903

Skinner, John R. (I106)
15 * * * The names of Frances's parents were not recorded on the correct line.
Frances's parents are recorded two more lines down as Francis and M Roberson.
Note also the spelling was written "Roberson" instead of the usual Robinson.

Death Date: 24 May 1859
Death Location: Grant County, KY
Birth Location: Orange County, VA
Cause of Death: Palpatation of the Heart (Heart Attack) 
Robinson, Frances (I945)
16 **** Note ****
William was NOT born in Wise County, Virginia unless he was referring to the place after it was created in 1856 from Lee, Russell, and Scott Counties. William stated in his pension application that he came to Kentucky in 1850. So, he either came to Kentucky later than he stated or perhaps he kept in contact with family who ended up in Wise County after its formation. Wise County did not exist at the time of his birth in 1842. If the 1860 Census record (see below) is indeed an enumeration of William Harrison Smith then, it is probable that William Harrison Smith was born in Russell County, Virginia where his probable brother's marriage took place (see the marriage record of B.F. Smith - probably Benjamin Franklin Smith who I believe to be the older brother of William Harrison Smith). 
Smith, William Harrison (I1577)
17 1/25/2011 - Marriage place is speculation based on Internet data suggesting that John and Catharine moved to KY in 1836. Marriage could have taken place in TN or VA, among other places. Family F414
18 1/30/2011 The Surname "Lovely" is speculation based upon the 1951 Death Certificate of one Mitchel Smith. The evidence is strong based upon the County (Morgan). Parent's names and that the burial occurred in a family cemetery in Korea, Kentucky which is where the Back Cemetery is.
Further evidence with the discovery of Richard L Smith and Ellen in the 1930 Census of Morgan County, Kentucky on the same and the preceding page of the census there are several families with the "Lovely" surname. 
Lovely, Ellen (I2129)
19 1/30/2011 There exists a death certificate for 13 Apr 1964 in Oldham Kentucky. There also exists a 1951 Death Certificate for one Mitchel Smith and the informant was listed as "Mr." R.L. Smith. Smith, Richard Lee (I99)
20 13 Feb 1786 Will Date
23 Mar 1786 Will is probated
28 Apr 1786 Inventory and Appraisal
28 Apr 1789 Receipt 
Terrill, Robert Sr. (I2996)
21 1850 Census in Rhode Island the family is listed under the name of "Ball" and there is a 30 year old woman also listed in the home with the name Joanna Dernier. Could this Joanna be a sister of Rosanna?


Census Research has revealed the following:
1840 Census, 1st Ward, Providence County, RI, Page 375
Hugh Boyle, Head of Household
No Slaves
Males between the ages of:
Under 5 = 1
5-9 = 1
10-14 = 2
15-19 = 1
20-29 = 0
30-39 = 0
40-49 = 1 (Hugh Boyle)
Females between the ages of:
15-19 = 1
40-49 = 1 (Possibly Rosanna)
Total individuals in household = 8

This is not at all confirmed to be the correct family but the evidence is good.

Additional Information:

2 persons were employed in manufacturing or trades.
1 person over the age of 20 was not able to read and write. 
Boyle, Hugh H. (I1783)
22 1850 Census, age is given as 40
1860 Census, age is given as 56

1 _MDCL Died at the age of 71 years
2 SOUR Pension File of John Francis Boyle

DEATH: Rosanna was 71 years old at the time of her death according to a deposition given by her son, James Boyle, on 6 April 1901. 
Mulligan, Rosanna (I1784)
23 1870 Census give birth place as Virginia Ronk, Samuel (I3457)
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I4267)
25 2 PLAC Buried at Memory Gardens, Arlington Heights, CookCounty, Illinois
1 _FA3
2 PLAC Burial location: Section 140; Lot C-1 
Schimka, Carl (I1269)
26 2 Dec 1663 - Same 200 acres originally patented to Bertram Obert is assigned to Edw. Boswell. Obert, Bertram Sr. (I2866)
27 20 JAN 1840
Letters of administration granted to B. F. Phillips on estate of deceased father. 
Phillips, Benjamin Franklin (I25)
28 25 JAN 1845 from other sources (no citation available).
Beard, Harrison County, Kentucky is also unsourced. 
Family F76
29 27 January 1757. William Robinson and Agnes Smith.
This license was found in an old fee book by J. W. Browning. Both of St. Thomas' Parish. P1. 
Family F960
30 28 August 2010
This name and relationship comes from an article about Grant County History and needs to be checked out. 
Robinson, Elizabeth (I2073)
31 28 August 2010
Further research has revealed more information from this article:
History of Grant County, John B. Conrad, Editor
Published by the Grant County Historical Society,
Williamstown, Kentucky. Article by H. L. Ogden, 1992.

Some of the story is familiar to me as told by my Grandfather, Howard Francis Boyle. My grandfather related to me the story of the Thompson family dividing up land as each of his many sons and daughters married until he was surrounded by his family's homes. My grandfather was born in Hinton, KY and walked along the railroad tracks with his mother, Maude Belle Thompson to visit his Thompson grandparents across the county line. 
Barnes, John (I775)
32 2nd Divorce of Howard and Della. Family F206
33 5 January 1731 recorded in Essex County, VA a marriage settlement between the Hon. John Robinson of Spotsylvania County and Mrs. Mary Welch, of Essex, widow.
Family F978
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hogg, Peter (Speculation) (I4399)
35 A "copyist" clearly transferred the names of the parents on the right page of the register out of sequence with the list of children's names on the left register page. By comparing the names of the male children and minor, girl children (still maintaining their maiden names) you will notice the parents names are shifted up one line. There is a smudge on the parent name corresponding with Stephen Hogg. That parent's name appears to be Polly Hogg OR Hagg, Polly being the common nickname for Mary. Hogg, Stephen (I983)
36 A brief of wills and marriages in Montgomery and Fincastle counties, Virginia, 1773-1831
The above titled book purportedly contains the following information:
Page 13==A brief of Wills & Marriages of Montgomery and Fincastle Counties, VA
Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell

COMBS, Henry and Rachel Clements, d/o Benj. Clements, Mason Combs, surety.
Marriage by Edward Morgan. 9/21/1788.
Combs, John and Biddy Nance 5/31/1779
Joseph Porter, Bondsman.

The above referenced book does exist but not in wide distribution. The closest source is only about 50 miles distant from my location and might be reviewed given an opportunity to travel in that direction. However, review of copies of the originals would be preferable (DJS - May 8, 2013). 
Family F410
37 A copy of this Will, or a book form transcript of it, should be obtainable from:

Mixed records, Vols. D-E 1791-1809 Family History Library US/CAN Film 30932 Items 2-3  
Barnes, John (I3065)
38 A number of unexplored sources state or speculate that Katherine was the widow, not the daughter of Theophilus Hone. Care should be taken to follow up with this potential before continuing with this family line. Other sources that follow Theophilus Hone as husband of Katherine generally state that she was a sister of John Armistead.

Here's just one such example:

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Vol. IV., July, 1896, No. I

"Major Theophilus Hone was a justice of Warwick county in 1652 He afterwards removed to Jamestown was Burgess for James City county in October 1666 and sheriff of James City county 1676 Prior to May 1672 he married the widow of William Richardson In 1675 Theophilus Hone Jr and Thomas Hone had a grant in James City county adjoining the land of Sir John Aytoun There is recorded at Essex Court house a deed dated Rappahannock county November 2 1686 from Christopher Wormeley Esq to Malachy Peale of Stafford conveying land which was granted to Thomas Hopkins in 1654 escheated and afterwards granted to Thomas Hopkins Hone gent by him conveyed to Justinian Aylmer and by Aylmer to his wife Frances now the wife of Christopher Wormeley In a pedigree of a family of Hone in the Visitation of Essex 1634 Hdrl Soc page 423 it is stated that Thomas Hone of Farnham 1634 married Judith daughter of Theophilus Aylmer Archdeacon of London and had issue William Thomas Theophilus Edward and Elizabeth all alive 1634 It can hardly be doubted that this was the family of the Hones of Virginia It has been stated that the second wife of Major Robert Beverley of Middlesex was Catherine daughter of Theophilus Hone but as the parish register states that he and Madam Katherine Hone were married in Gloster March 28 1689 [1689 is a misprint in the VMHB Article, the actual year was 1679 and was recorded in the Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex County, Virginia which is attached to the marriage of Robert and Katherine in this database] it is probable that she was Major Hone's widow and as Beverley in his will speaks of his brother in law Colonel John Armistead of Gloucester it is probable she was an Armistead." 
Hone, Katherine (I2806)
39 A reference to Benjamin Wells may appear in the following book:

The "Corn Stalk" militia of Kentucky, 1792-1811 : a brief statutory history of the militia and records of commissions of officers in the organization from the beginning of statehood to the commencement of the War of 1812 / by G. Glenn Clift. 
Wells, Benjamin (Speculation) (I762)
40 A search request in June of 2012 for a death certificate presented to Mayes County, Oklahoma resulted in a failure to locate that record. The only evidence currently of Mary's date and place of death is from a cemetery marker in the Alberty Cemetery. This is further supported by Mary's presence in the area as indicated by the 1910 Census when she was living with one of her daughters. Back, Mary (I973)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F213
42 A Will may Exist. I have seen an estate sale from Harrison County, Kentucky online at a public Ancestry Tree.

6 Sep 2012: I have still been unable to find a Will. It appears that Benjamin's estate went through probate without a Will (DJS). 
Clements, Benjamin (Speculation - This Benjamin may not be the son of Benjamin Clements of Pittsylvania County, VA - See Notes) (I3440)
43 About the Foundation

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan asked Lee Iacocca, then Chairman of Chrysler Corporation, to head a private sector effort to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation (SOLEIF) was founded.

The Foundation's fundraising drive sparked a dramatic response. The American people contributed more than $600 million (and counting!) to the repair, restoration, and maintenance of these two great monuments to freedom. All funds for the Foundation?s projects have come from the American people ? no government funds have been used.

Restoring The Statue

The Foundation, working with its public partner, the National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior, first tackled the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. After almost a century, weather, pollution, and sightseeing had left Lady Liberty in serious need of repair, including replacement of her torch and strengthening of her crown's rays. An army of architects, historians, engineers, and almost 1000 laborers embarked on the project--which also involved the installation of new elevators and an informative exhibit in the Statue's base.

July 4th weekend, 1986, saw a gala three-day event celebrating the restoration. Fireworks filled the night skies; tall ships flocked the Harbor. "Liberty Weekend," attended by President Reagan and President Francois Mitterand of France, was broadcast to 1.5 billion people in 51 countries. The Foundation, the National Park Service, and the American people had launched the most successful public-private partnership in the history of the United States.

Restoring Ellis Island

The Foundation then turned its attention to the restoration of Ellis Island--the largest historical restoration in the history of the United States. Ellis Island, our most potent symbol of the American immigrant experience, had become sadly deteriorated. Again the American people responded with passion and generosity.

When the Island opened in September of 1990--two years ahead of schedule--it unveiled the world-class Ellis Island Immigration Museum, where some rooms appeared as they had during the height of immigrant processing. Other areas housed theaters, libraries, an oral history recording studio, and exhibits on the immigration experience. In the 1990s, the Foundation restored two more buildings (for a total of 5 buildings saved and restored on Ellis Island), expanding and upgrading the Museum Library and Oral History Studio, and creating a Children?s Orientation Center and the Ellis Island Living Theatre. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum has welcomed nearly 40 million visitors since its opening in 1990.

Working to promote knowledge of the Island, the Statue, and immigration history, the Foundation has also published and made available to libraries and schools many books and curriculum guides, as well as a CD-ROM produced in collaboration with the History Channel.

The Foundation?s current project is a significant expansion of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum to be called The Peopling of America 
Repository Source: (REPO7)
44 About the Internet Archive
The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical cllections that exist in digital format. Founded in 1996 and located in San Francisco, the Archive has been receiving data donations from Alexa Internet and others. In late 1999, the organization started to grow to include more well-rounded collections. Now the Internet Archive includes texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived web pages in our collections, and provides specialized services for adaptive reading and information access for the blind and other persons with disabilities. 
Repository Source: (R23)
45 About the place of birth. A colleague who is from the Czech Republic looked over the historical documents that I have found and assisted with the place names as they exist today. To the best of our knowledge, this is the correct place of birth. However, it is important to note that during the span of time encompassing the immigration, and since, the area was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany and the Soviet Union. The Germans used their names for Czech towns on records making in necessary to find lists of these town names and the corresponding Czech place names.

Anna's Death Certificate reports her date of birth as 24 July 1882.

Anna's Naturalization records report her birth as 24 July 1883. Since the naturalization documents were created with direct interaction with Anna, the date on these records should be considered the most accurate at this time. 
Frana, Anna (I224)
46 About the place of birth. A colleague who is from the Czech Republic looked over the historical documents that I have found and assisted with the place names as they exist today. To the best of our knowledge, this is the correct place of birth. However, it is important to note that during the span of time encompassing the immigration, the area was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Schimka, James Sr (I113)
47 According to a history of the Stringtown area of Grant and Harrison Counties in Kentucky, William was struck by a stray bullet while riding his horse in the vicinity of Cynthiana, Kentucky and died several days later. Morgan's Raiders passed through the area in July 1862. The first "raid" on Cynthiana was July 17th, 1862 which is the date of William's death. I don't know whether Morgan's troops were in the area around Cynthiana several days before William's death. Robinson, William Benjamin (I2061)
48 According to Howard, his father married Lula Switzer in either Cynthiana in Harrison County, KY or Corinth in Grant County, KY. The Grant County Clerk did not locate any record of this marriage when I sent a request. Family F555
49 According to information in I.G.I. records, Israel and Barbara were married on July 08, 1778. Family F51
50 According to information on the 1900 Census, Robert Thompson owned a farm which was free of any mortgage. Thompson, Robert T. (I110)

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